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Interior work - parquet floor

Do you want to take responsibility and complete your tasks independently? It makes you happy to experience the result of your work and see them grow? Then, a workplace at IBB Baugesellschaft is the right decision for you. Here you will receive direct feedback on your performance - a great feeling! You can live out your own talents and gain further work experience. You get to know new people who will help you move forward.

We will show you alternatives how your life can continue after your apprenticeship or studies (for better readability, the male language form is used. However, this does not imply any discrimination against the other sexes, but is to be understood as gender-neutral in the sense of linguistic simplification).

  • Site manager
  • Technical construction draftsman
  • Calculator
  • Roofer
  • Engineer – civil engineer
  • Bricklayer & shuttering
  • Secretary – administrative employee
  • Excavator and machine operator
  • Foreman
  • Carpenter for exterior and interior fittings
  • Accountant

Are you interested in one of the activities or do you have questions about a job? Then contact us by phone: +352 97 90 57-1 or by e-mail:

None of the jobs listed above fits you? Do not hesitate to contact us anyway. We will introduce you to the different facets of our work. And who knows... maybe, after all, it just makes click in your mind.

Tiling work - interior work
Interior work - inner door with accessories
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