Work after apprenticeship or studies

The leap into professional life
Tiling work - staircase - Work after apprenticeship or studies

What should I do after my apprenticeship or studies? It's worth thinking about the future early on. Before the actual job hunt begins, it makes sense to change your perspective and carry out an inventory to have a look at your personal situation.

  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What interests me, what do I enjoy?
  • What exactly can I offer my future employer?
  • What kind of job suits my personality?
  • In which activity would I like to invest a lot of time?

Get smart – be clever!

After all, you don't want to find just any job. Work shapes your future life. Your decision should make you happy in the long run. Work should not overtax you, but certainly not subchallenge you. It should fit. The new insights will help you to find the best job for you.

Through sharpened awareness, your own perception opens up new perspectives. You will lead a new lifestyle. You will earn your own money, acquire greater independence and your quality of life will improve. Have conversations, take feedback from people you know, do an internet research. It is also important that you are prepared to adapt quickly to the new situation, to grow and learn.

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