Agricultural construction

Stables, halls for fodder and machines, relocations, conversion works

Relocation farm project - general view
Relocation farm project in Ehlange
The everyday life of the farmer in modern agriculture has changed considerably in recent years. The cows are milked by robots, the mobile phone almost completely replaces the pitchfork. Farming without digital tools is hardly imaginable today. Accordingly, high-tech has long since become established in agriculture.
Distant view of a dairy cattle shed in Oberdonven
Expansion of barn capacities
The species-appropriate dairy farming is one of the main concerns of IBB Baugesellschaft. We take into account the special requirements of the farmers as well as the legal regulations. We build stables that make people and animals feel comfortable and that meet the economic demands.
Riding facility for horse breeding and training, Redingen
Riding facility in Redingen
The entire construction was planned and realised in close cooperation with the client. The final completion will be carried out by the owner himself at his request.
Yard entrance and stables - Yard entrance with calf barn and dairy cattle shed
"Cow-Hotel" with full board in Cruchten
On the outskirts of Cruchten, the Lamborelle family runs a modern relocated farm site. It is a typical family business with dairy farming and cultivation. All construction works of the buildings as well as the corresponding infrastructure were planned and executed by IBB Baugesellschaft - under consideration of technical and economic requirements.
Calf barn and young cattle barn - 1st working phase
New construction of a calf and young cattle barn
In order to continue to be successful in agriculture, a modern and economic way of farming is one of the biggest challenges for many farmers. The first fundamental decision to be taken: Either plan a new construction, make a transformation and expansion or opt for a complete relocation.
Manure storage under the barn - leakage detection
Manure storage under the barn - leakage detection
The construction of a liquid manure storage facility is subject to precise licensing regulations by the Luxemburgian Water Management Office. The requirements for lining and execution of the earth basin construction are strictly defined. In the search for a suitable solution for the storage of liquid manure and wastewater from animal husbandry, there is no way around the IBB specialists.
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