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Sports hall, Niederkorn - Bird's eye view of the sports hall in Niederkorn
Turnkey sports hall in Niederkorn (Luxembourg)
With this appealing building project IBB Baugesellschaft also proves to be a specialist for turnkey sports hall constructions. We would like to thank all participating partner companies for their successful cooperation and professional work.
General view of the workshop halls, existing and new building
Extension of workshop halls with service pits
For IBB Baugesellschaft, the extension with an additional workshop hall is actually a matter of routine. The big challenge in the construction project of Truck Center Jost is the installation of 2 large service pits, taking into account all legal requirements and the benefits desired by the customer.
Facade of the new pharmacy
New pharmacy with residential house
Concentrating the supply of pharmaceuticals at a central point, in a modern, contemporary environment for customers and employees: This was the pharmacy owner's request to IBB Baugesellschaft. Particularity: The new pharmacy building also houses the family's private living area.
Two new football pitches and large canteen building
Expansion of the sports infrastructure in Hosingen
With the opening and launch of the new football pitches as well as a modern canteen and spacious parking area, the municipality of Hosingen is setting another sporting exclamation mark!
Administration and technical service, visualization - front view
Service and administrative building of the municipality of Mertert
BB Baugesellschaft provided all the planning and execution services for the construction of the new, ready to use technical building including outdoor facilities for the municipality of Mertert. The project was awarded after a public tender.
Education house "Op Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, front view
The „Bildungshaus“ (education centre) in Düdelingen
An education centre for 186 children is being built on an area of approximately 5,000 m², including a day-care centre, studios, rest, reading and handicraft rooms, a parents' café (a total of approximately 3,700 m²) and a sports infrastructure (approximately 1,250 m²). There will also be a large playground and green areas with walking paths. The execution planning and construction work is coordinated by IBB Baugesellschaft as general contractor.
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