Your career at IBB

Our employees are the cornerstone of our success

Your career at IBB

Our employees are challenged as well as supported in their daily tasks. What is important is not the position they hold in our company, but that all colleagues feel comfortable in their work and are successful. Our teams in the office and on site are specialised in many fields of activity.

We approach our tasks with enthusiasm and promote the personal development and professional skills of our employees. Work-life balance is not just an empty concept. Every day we strive to achieve a dynamic balance so that our employees can create an adjustment between their personal and professional life. In particular, we want our employees to develop their personal skills.


Our employees are the cornerstone of our success
We make you successful!
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A job at IBB - your key to a successful career

Added value for your life

Do you want to take responsibility and complete your tasks independently? It makes you happy to experience the result of your work and see them grow? Then, a workplace at IBB Baugesellschaft is the right decision for you. Here you will receive direct feedback on your performance - a great feeling! You can live out your own talents and gain further work experience. You get to know new people who will help you move forward.

IBB offers you an exciting working environment
From pure theory to daily practise
Draftsman, calculator, site manager, engineer - the possibilities are manifold
A good preparation and planning are worth their weight in gold!

Work after apprenticeship or studies

What should I do after my apprenticeship or studies? It's worth thinking about the future early on. Before the actual job hunt begins, it makes sense to change your perspective and carry out an inventory to have a look at your personal situation.

  • What are my strengths and weaknesses?
  • What interests me, what do I enjoy?
  • What exactly can I offer my future employer?
  • What kind of job suits my personality?
  • In which activity would I like to invest a lot of time?


The leap into professional life
There are many alternatives
Career at IBB - different skills
Career at IBB - different skills
Career at IBB - different skills
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