Agricultural construction

New agricultural farmsteads with integrated approach

We combine many years of specialist knowledge from agricultural construction and residential property construction to develop concepts that make the best possible use of the capacity of a plot of land. We make the land ready for development – from site development and technical planning to the coordinated execution of all construction work.

Agricultural buildings

An intelligently planned new farmstead may require animal sheds, silos, biogas equipment, slurry tanks and lagoons, mobile silos and machinery alongside residential accommodation and multi-modal storehouses. Your advantage with IBB is that we bundle several sets skills (residential property, agricultural and industrial construction), making us ideally suited for agricultural building projects.

IBB is your number 1 for constructing agricultural buildings in Luxembourg

Exchange transaction as financial basis

Our expertise in property valuation, dealing with authorities (PAP, utility companies etc.) and the calculation of building costs help you to take a new approach to setting up a new farmstead. In an exchange transaction we can accept your existing site as the basis for construction finance for your new farmstead. This process allows you to switch all farming activities from the old to the new site seamlessly.

We are always interested in exchanging / purchasing plots of land on the perimeter of development areas

Grants aimed at promoting agriculture

Legislation and directives covering applications for grants and subsidies for buildings in the agricultural sector can frequently change. We develop our projects in such a way that they always meet the latest standards and requirements. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding agricultural subsidies.