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Barter business as financing basis

Our expertise in real estate and property valuation, dealing with authorities (PAP, utility companies etc.) and determing construction costs will help you to break new ground in your relocation project. In an exchange transaction, we take over your existing site as the basis for construction financing of your relocated farmstead. This process enables a seamless transition of all agricultural activities from the old to the new location.

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We are always interested in exchanging / buying properties in the building perimeter.
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Permit requirements - plans

Taking into account the currently applicable permit conditions (on the part of the municipality - ministries - other authorities) and after consultation / agreement with these authorities, we can optimise your resettlement project and define the price.
Changes to the planning documents and all implementation plans for the various trades are handled by our technical office.
Indeed, significant cost savings can be achieved if we can install excavated earth on site - based on a detailed "actual situation" site survey compared to the planning representation of the later course of the site ("future situation") - and thus eliminate transport costs and landfill fees.

Resettlement, Cruchten - Permit requirements - plans
Resettlement, Beidweiler - Permit requirements - plans
Resettlment, Ehlange - Permit requirements - plans
Calves stable of a resettlment
Part of a milking parlour in a resettlment
Outdor area, partial view - Permit requirements - plans
Residential houase of a resettlment
Bull pen of a resettlment - Permit requirements - plans
Entrance of a resettlment - Permit requirements - plans
Machine hall of a resettlment
Stable for fatening bulls - Permit requirements - plans
Stable for fatening bulls - Permit requirements - plans
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