Relocation farm project in Ehlange

Coordinated execution
The everyday life of the farmer in modern agriculture has changed considerably in recent years. The cows are milked by robots, the mobile phone almost completely replaces the pitchfork. Farming without digital tools is hardly imaginable today. Accordingly, high-tech has long since become established in agriculture.

IBB Baugesellschaft has also adapted to this trend. The IBB employees specialised in agricultural construction develop complete concepts from A to Z to meet the demands of the high-tech profession of farmers

Technical planning – one contact person

Outside the village of Ehlange-sur-Mess, the Glesener family runs a modern relocation farm. The aim is to fully exploit the potential of an agricultural business and to make use of it correctly, taking into account new intelligent applications. IBB take care of everything. The designated site manager coordinates the work of the subcontractors. Everything is discussed with the building owner, all possibilities are presented. IBB brings everything together. If the farmer has any questions, he simply contacts the IBB contact person. This person then clarifies the relevant points with the other companies.

Relocation farm project - general view
Inner courtyard between dairy barn and calf barn
View on the silo facility - Relocation farm project in Ehlange

Animal comfort comes first

Numerous standards have to be taken into account, for example for the dairy cattle shed. Among other things, sufficient space must be provided for the cow boxes, feeding areas and walkways, suitable lighting and ventilation in the stables must be provided and the safety of the animals must be ensured.

An intelligently planned dairy cattle barn also includes the milking technology as well as smooth operating procedures. What applies to the stables is just as important for the multifunctional warehouses, silo facilities, slurry pits and lagoons, the biogas plant if necessary and, if required, the housing estate. This is where the combined IBB expertise from agricultural, residential and industrial construction comes into play.

Some advantages at a glance

Dairy cowshed - loose-housing stable with resting pens and split floor
Walking and lying stall for pregnant cows
Machine and equipment hall
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