Construction planning

Surveying –  construction planning from A to Z

Engineering surveying, site mapping including landscape changes and earthwork calculations etc. are performed by our own skilled team. We use state-of-the-art geodesic instruments with customised software. A major advantage is our in-house preliminary assessment for approval planning for private construction projects. Our surveyor team knows individual ways of collecting data, even in a complex, built-up environment.*

Technical planning & structural engineering

Our technical office will develop detailed and comprehensive execution plans for all phases of construction based on architectural plans. Each and every element of the construction project is examined and optimised with regard to its technical feasibility. Satisfactory alternatives will be found for wishes that cannot be put into practice directly.

Calculation and mass computation

Once construction planning is completed, our costing office will calculate all the building resources and costs that are necessary for the project. Working closely with our technical office, they will seek out cost-effective solutions for elaborate planning. Any difficulties will be identified and resolved immediately in collaboration with our engineers – without any discussions having to be conducted with an external planning office.

*Responsibility for determining boundaries lies with the Luxembourg Land Register Authority and approved surveyors.