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When buying once own property, nobody wants to buy a pig in a poke. It’s your basic right to know what you are getting for your money. On an area of about 250 m² we present you the high standard offered as basic equipment in our projects. We look forward to welcome you to our IBB showroom. Here you will experience a selected equipment with materials made of wood, stainless steel, glass and ceramics in various shapes and colours. Stylish living within your own four walls with matching materials is an expression of your personal lifestyle. We help you to furnish your living spaces according to your wishes. You can see, touch and decide freely.

Great exhibition variety

Be inspired by the recommended benefits. Our offer ranges from high-quality interior design to windows and doors as well as to the design of exterior facade materials. You will also find information on home automation equipment and smart home control, sanitary facilities and shading systems. We support you with well thought-out concepts. But that‘s not all. Our partner companies can provide you with the desired samples for any equipment that goes beyond the basic range offered. Well-trained specialists are available for this purpose.

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Our showroom is open for our customers from Monday to Friday by appointment. Make full use of the advantages of our consulting services. You will receive answers to all your questions. Appointments can be arranged by calling +352 97 90 57-1. Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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