Modern farm site in Cruchten

Expertly planned relocation
On the outskirts of Cruchten, the Lamborelle family runs a modern relocated farm site. It is a typical family business with dairy farming and cultivation. All construction works of the buildings as well as the corresponding infrastructure were planned and executed by IBB Baugesellschaft - under consideration of technical and economic requirements.

Farming 4.0 - Advice from the very beginning!

For the modern farmer and breeder well-founded planning as well as competent execution are extremely important. IBB Baugesellschaft supports the planning of tailor-made and functional stables with carefully selected building materials. The result: a project that meets the wishes and demands as well as the economic possibilities of the farmer. Work processes and animal welfare are equally taken into account.

Yard entrance and stables - Yard entrance with calf barn and dairy cattle shed
Access to the bunker silos
Large calf barn with breeding department

Responsibility for man, animal and nature

Today's agriculture must undergo constant adaptation processes in order to keep pace with market developments. The work on the farm has changed accordingly and… it has not become less. The farmer has to be a hard reckoning entrepreneur. Thanks to the professional construction supervision of the IBB employees and the perfect implementation of the infrastructure, the farmer can use the time freed for the care and maintenance of his animals and nature. At least this is how the statements of many farmers can be interpreted, who trust IBB for the planning of the stables and appreciate IBB’s application.

Some advantages at a glance

  • A short construction period
  • Planning on schedule
  • Experienced and well trained craftsmen
  • Most modern construction site equipment
  • Complete solutions including all outbuildings
Dairy cowshed and access to the liquid manure pit
Dairy cowshed, interior vieuw
View on the milking chamber
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