New pharmacy with residential house

Professional and private use
Concentrating the supply of pharmaceuticals at a central point, in a modern, contemporary environment for customers and employees: This was the pharmacy owner's request to IBB Baugesellschaft. Particularity: The new pharmacy building also houses the family's private living area.

New pharmacy building in the village centre

For many years the supply was provided by the parents at a location in the immediate vicinity. However, the spatial conditions no longer met today's requirements. Now the pharmacy manager and her staff work in premises that meet all pharmaceutical standards with the latest technology and equipment and cover the demand for drugs and medical products in the region.

On schedule in terms of time and costs

The task was to plan the building and its furnishings for both professional and private use. The construction of the new pharmacy with adjoining residential building took less than two years. Construction work began in July 2015 with the staking out of the ground plan. The pharmacy was ready to start operations as early as June 2017. From scratch, a large pharmacy building including the necessary equipment and with living space was built in a short time. Everything was calculated precisely.

Facade of the new pharmacy
Garage entrance to the residential house
Front view of pharmacy and residential building

Consulting and sale

In addition to the pure sales service for drugs and medical products such as bandages, medical supplies and implants, the company's services also include clinical-pharmaceutical consulting and customer support. The pharmacy also boasts a very attractive cosmetics area. Indeed, customers should feel well looked after.

Key facts

  • Building owner: MFH PGmbH
  • Architect: Architektur Design Bongartz PGmbH
  • Equipment concept: Clément Pharma Concepts
  • Construction company: IBB Baugesellschaft
  • Total area: approx. 600 m²
  • Commercial area: approx. 300 m²


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