Extension of workshop halls with service pits

Spacious and comfortable working area
For IBB Baugesellschaft, the extension with an additional workshop hall is actually a matter of routine. The big challenge in the construction project of Truck Center Jost is the installation of 2 large service pits, taking into account all legal requirements and the benefits desired by the customer.

Service pits - the heart of the new workshop halls

When the building is extended by an additional workshop hall, the new assembly pits form the real heart of the workshop, so that comfortable and safe working underneath the vehicles is possible with sufficient space.

Many details have to be considered!  The dimensions are to be planned generously in order to ensure a daily, flexible working comfort. The limits of the pits are usually set by the building dimensions. The appropriate pit depth can vary depending on the type of vehicle (trucks, buses, cars, ...). Therefore, the specifications of the building owner must be taken into account according to the planned use of the installation pits

General view of the workshop halls, existing and new building
Detailed view of the new hall building
Earthworks and construction of the service pits

Equipment of the service pits

The static requirements of the pit edgings and surfaces must also be taken into account so that the vehicles can be moved safely at all times. For the equipment, sufficient storage space in the pit area must be ensured. Connections for electricity, compressed air, exhaust air, oil supply, waste oil disposal, pit drainage, etc. must be provided. Furthermore, the perfect installation pit has installation possibilities for sliding cover, lifter, oil pan, support bridges.

Some advantages at a glance

  • Consideration of all safety aspects
  • Load capacity (static requirements)
  • Use of the available space
  • Pit lighting
  • Other supply lines
  • Oil Cutter
  • Technical ventilation system
  • Professional sealing work
Construction of the hall building
Close-up view of the service pits
Construction of the hall building
View on the new workshop hall
View on the new workshop hall
View on the new workshop hall
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