Residential development in Osweiler-Lannebach

IBB build 6 of 9 single-family houses
Property development and parcelling of the building site / new development area

Development of a new housing estate

The village of Osweiler is an attractive, rural residential area, situated 4 km south of Echternach. The development site is located on the street corner of the Main Road / Lannebach street at the exit of the village in the direction of Herborn. The construction project will be carried out along the Lannebach street, which has been completely renewed and built by IBB. On the other side of the street is a green area and the Lannebach stream.

The building site is slightly sloping. Outside the boundaries of the PAP, IBB will build a surface water and rainwater collection basin. In this way, water that collects during heavy rainfall can be drained via a channel into the Lannebach.

New construction project in top quality

The housing estate consists of four semi-detached houses, two detached houses and three terraced houses. The gardens of all houses face south-east. As general contractor and developer, IBB is building six of the nine residential units. Each house will have direct access to the Lannebach street. IBB is also setting up the complete infrastructure equipment and the connections for sewage, water and electricity to the existing network.

The architecture fits perfectly into the rural character of the village and blends harmoniously into the village surroundings. The creation of generously designed driveways and courtyards in front of each house ensures sufficient space for personnel use. The proximity to Echternach offers future residents a wide range of gastronomic and shopping options as well as a versatile sports, cultural and social infrastructure.


Property development and parcelling of the building site / new development area
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