Lenkeschléi school in Düdelingen

Education, daycare and sports
An education centre for 186 children has been built on an area of approximately 5,000 m², including a day-care centre, studios, rest, reading and handicraft rooms, a parents' café (a total of approximately 3,700 m²) and a sports infrastructure (approximately 1,250 m²). There will also be a large playground and green areas with walking paths. The execution planning and construction work is coordinated by IBB Baugesellschaft as general contractor.

The construction project is part of a new educational concept in Luxembourg, as early education, primary school and childcare will for the first time be located under one roof as a combined facility.

The construction shows a great charisma

The building is located in a development area (11.9 ha), which comprises 240 residential units (houses and apartments). Thus, the new quarter has its own school, sports and leisure infrastructure. The entire north-eastern façade and the ground floor in the south-west shine like red clay, the two upper floors on the south-western side are enclosed by timber-framed structures. The modern infrastructure convinces with its great charisma.

IBB was a good partner. They often came to the Local Government where we had an exchange. I really would like to express my respect for the work that has been done here.
Josiane Di Bartolomeo-Ries, Deputy for School Education Dudelange
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, aerial view
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, aerial view south side
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, aerial view - rear side

Flexible structural elements

Especially striking: The seemingly random arrangement of the windows of different sizes. They give the massive building an amazing lightness. Brightness and natural materials dominate the interior of the building. Diverse colours and lighting moods differentiate the various room areas, group rooms can be flexibly rearranged with structural elements. Each floor has an outdoor area that can be used creatively. After school hours, the sports hall is also accessible to outsiders.

Facts and figures

  • Building owner: Municipality of Düdelingen
  • Architect: Decker, Lammar & Associés
  • Consulting engineers: Rausch & Associés, CBS
  • Interior designers: ID4Care (Hélène Mahiat and Julie Ronsmans)
  • General contractor: IBB Baugesellschaft
  • Net area: 5,000 m² (+1,000 m² green space)
  • Environment: Energy class B-B

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all those involved in the project for their exemplary cooperation during this difficult time of the pandemic!


Photo selection

School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, main entry hall
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, main entry hall
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, main entry hall
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, classroom
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, dressing room
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, classroom
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, classroom
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, classroom
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, classroom
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, teaching kitchen for children
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, classroom with library
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen,  theatre room
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, partial view on the school restaurant
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, hallway
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen,  restaurant kitchen
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, sports hall
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, hallway area with hair dryers, ground floor
School "Lenkeschléi" in Düdelingen, waiting area with parent café
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